Put Yourself Back in Control

You are the hero in your own life, I simply facilitate your journey to gain the mental mastery of your life and achieve the success in your business you desire

How it Works

Having worked globally with hundreds of leaders in their personal transformation over the last 5-years, the approach I take is the one that has consistently delivered the best results in the quickest time possible.

Your Model for Success Has 3 Easy Steps:


Clarity of the



Powerful Strategy to Success


Implement Tools for Lasting Change

Being in a state of constant stress and overwhelm can keep you frozen in your tracks and stop you from seeing clearly. It can trick you into thinking that it can’t be better.



Your Guarantee

I’ve received such inspiring feedback from the leaders I’ve worked with on the results they have created and I can’t wait to see yours, too.

You are guaranteed to receive my unwavering commitment to support you in achieving your transformation…


but if you’re in doubt after two sessions together you’ll get your

money back – no questions asked.

Connect with me today to discover how you can overcome stress and overwhelm in your business or personal life and achieve mental mastery to conquer the next level of your life.

What Phiwe achieved in just a few months

What to Do Next

And then?

You’re unique, and so too will be your transformation.​

  • I draw on a range of modalities that I’ve been certified and trained in which include Dr. John Demartini’s The Demartini Method™, Demartini Values Determination™ and Master Planning for an Inspired Life.

  • I am trained to use the Demartini Method® for the purposes of:

    • Clarifying your life purpose to build your life upon

    • Breaking through fear or depression, anger or resentment

    • Business & career development strategies

    • Building wealth and financial mastery

    • Creating relationships that stay freshly in love for a lifetime

  • My specializations include:

    • Transforming stuckness in life, anxiety and depression
    • Transforming a relationship crisis
    • Integrating traumatic events

It's all within your reach - commit to take action now

What my clients achieved:

Failure is NOT inevitable

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve watched your whole life pass you by and you have regrets that you didn’t live your life the way you had hoped then don’t worry …


It’s not too late.

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed right now that you are doubting yourself and whether you can achieve your dreams because you’ve tried things before and they didn’t work out. It’s left you feeling stuck and frozen with fear rather than decisive and taking action.

When we stack up enough of those moments in our mind we’re left feeling powerless and keep others at arm’s length as a way to protect ourselves – but it just gets lonelier inside.

This can show up in your performance in business and stifle your long-term growth.


I am here to lead you on your journey of transformation by uncovering with clarity what has been causing you inner turmoil and showing you how to release it.

In those moments where you doubt yourself I will be here to show you the way. On the days when you have the clarity and confidence you need you can rest assured knowing I am in the background to support you, if and when you need it.

It’s Your Time Now

The time is now. You don’t have to play in the shadows anymore, wondering if you have what it really takes to release the self-doubt and create freedom for yourself.

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