You’re busy,

so you want the most efficient and effective pathway to your success. ​

Masterclass: Your Inspired Vision for Life (online)

Do you want to create the business plan, financial plan or health plan that you have been wanting to bring to life, but haven’t been effective at it yet?

  • This 3-hour online class offers a regular opportunity to work on your Masterplan for life on any area of priority. We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve. If we don’t make the time to plan and structure it, execute it effectively and measure our progress, the chances of achievement go right down to the bottom.

  • Every class begins with a short presentation on practical case studies, research and tools on how to further expand your life vision.

  • Also, every class includes a guided meditation to help you SEE your vision, making sure that you have something to look for and clarity of what to plan for your life.

  • Then, the floor is opened to each individual to work on your own Masterplan (we provide a foundational workbook if you do not have your own planning book yet), and we are available for individual consulting and coaching on any question, topic or block to work on, there and then.

Demartini Method For Groups (online)

What major challenge, fear or resentment/infatuation is driving you right now, sapping your resources and blocking your momentum?

  • You’ll maximise your performance in all areas of life by making effective use of our facilitation. This allows you to make sure that what you have brought to us is the highest priority to be dissolved which once you complete, clears your path and allows you to take on more inspiring challenges.

only available to graduates of the Demartini Method through a previous seminar (e.g. John Demartini’s “The Breakthrough Experience” or Oksana’s “Fresh Start Workshop”, etc.)

Marriage Healing Training - Fresh Start Program (online)

Are you a man aged 35+ on the brink of divorce? You can transform a nagging, painful relationship into a safe haven that you love returning to, in 6 weeks or less.

I help you do this through my Fresh Start Program.

It’s a 3-step system that I’ve designed to provide a logical step-by-step process to dissolve festered conflicts and manage an emotional partner with ease while being yourself, guilt-free

  • No more feeling like you have to fundamentally change who you are to be good enough for your partner.

  • No more avoiding going home for fear of getting shouted at for not doing something right.

  • No more feeling like you’re walking on a minefield around your partner, hoping to not set her off.

  • No more being the guilty, bad guy in every argument - no matter what the circumstance.

Just master the right handbook of how to manage your emotional woman like a pro and feel safely respected and appreciated.

  • Best part is, it’s a perfectly clear and logical system that works in all relationships, and it only takes 6 weeks to complete.

  • How it works is that instead of suffering in anxiety when your partner is yelling at you, I show you how to calm her down in minutes and be the hero of the story again.

  • You will know exactly what she means with her words and body language in all situations, giving you the chance to respond accordingly, by the book.

  • This gives your safe and loving home back where you feel wanted again, not needing to avoid it as a battlefield.

  • Plus, you will be able to handle any emotional confrontation with ease, knowing exactly what to do, never feeling overwhelmed by conflict again.

And you won’t have to fake it or give up your own needs to make her happy anymore.

To help you, I first need to train you here in this FREE 45-minute class

Dream of Coaching Turned Into A Profitable Business

Are you wanting to start your own coaching practice full-time or partially, but find yourself unsure and doubting how it can work? Does thinking about marketing your services, doing sales and thinking about online software, funnels and automations overwhelm you?

I have been there.

I tried to build my first coaching business for 4 years all by myself before I had a coach that helped me launch it successfully and be fully booked in less than 3 months.

To shorten the journey for you, I am offering mentorship for aspiring coaches and consultants looking to launch their coaching practice to a profitable business in 3 months or less.