In my multiple careers before starting my own business, my favourite affirmation was:

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”

Having learned and applied this a long time ago, I consistently saw:

  • A dramatic increase in my daily energy

  • Work output and

  • Quality of results delivered to my companies

This resulted in me being engaged with my colleagues, helped create a productive and helpful team spirit and kept the team organised to do their best daily. We took way less sick-days, we had much less stress and we were reliable and pleasant employees to be around.


I have always been passionate to discover the essence of human drive that makes us want to accomplish more. Having turned my passion into my professional career, I now love giving back to the entrepreneurial world and share my inspirational talks and trainings on employee engagement to bring this energy back from its core.

Speeches and Keynotes

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Training on Employee Engagement

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